MailBox is a library for the Perl programming language, designed to handle various kinds of e-mail. It can be used to construct messages, send them, access various kinds of message folders, filter spam and virussen, and so on.

The MailBox distribution is quite large, with about 140 related modules. Related modules are not yet part of this documentation, but they will be in the near future. More documentation will be added as well.

STARTERS: you may want to start with an overview on the documentation. See Mail::Box-Index and Mail::Box-Overview

All packages >>

Lists all packages which are currently included in this documentation system by name.

All methods >>

The methods which are described, sorted alphabetically. Sometimes you have a feeling about the name of a method, but no idea where to find it.

All diagnostics >>

Explanation of the meaning of error and warning messages, produced by the library. You can also find-out which method produces the complaint, which may help resolving it.

All details >>

Many manual pages contain detailed explanations on how to use the objects, with background information, examples, FAQ, etc. This page provides an overview on all these manual page sections.
The Mail::Box-Index provides as useful manually made index.

Other sources of information:

  • The slides of a tutorial presented at YAPC::Europe 2002 contain many examples. It is a good overview if you want to learn MailBox fast. Of course, it only shows an extract of the features.
  • The slides of the tutorial at YAPC::Europe 2003 show examples with new features.
  • Example scripts are also enclosed in the distribution. Have a look at the examples/ and scripts/ directories. The examples are small, the scripts are worked-out programs. Maybe you can contribute your own applications!
  • An entry level description on how to use MailBox was presented during YAPC::Europe 2002.
    The paper as PostScript (181kB), PostScript gzipped (74kB), or PDF (221kB).
  • The internals of message objects where discussed during the German Perl Workshop 2002.
    The paper as Postscript (656kB), Postscript gzipped (174kB), or PDF (238kB).