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These pages contain the XML::Compile::SOAP presentation, helt at YAPC::EU 2007 in Vienna, but updated for XML::Compile version 0.62, XML::Compile::SOAP version 0.64 on November 27, 2007.

Part 1: Introduction

Introduction to XML::Compile in OpenOffice2 Impress (ODP) and PowerPoint (PPT, converted)

Part 2: Example

  1. WSDL: basic types
  2. WSDL: the messages
  3. WSDL: about SOAP
  4. XML::Compile::WSDL
  5. Beautified dumper
  6. What we do not see...
  7. Further processing
  8. Execute the SOAP client
  9. SOAP without WSDL
  10. Run a SOAP server

YAPC::EU 2007 Vienna, Presentation of XML::Compile second part, by Mark Overmeer.