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This page is dedicated to Perl's XML::Compile distribution, and its friends.

XML::Compile translates XML data-structures into Perl's internal data-structures (usually nested hashes) and reverse, under control of a schema. The module does not teach you how to write schema's. Value validation is optional.

The companion modules implement SOAP interaction respectively a SOAP daemon. Only the latter may be platform dependent (limited to Unixes).

XML::Compile requires a recent version of XML::LibXML, which on its turn depends on a recent version of libxml2. Many Linux distribitions do not contain a sufficiently new release of that library and must therefore be upgraded.

  Documentation is available in various forms

I have given many more presentations about the subject, on later Workshops and YAPC's, but the content of those presentations did not differ enough to add much to above list.


Please post questions or ideas to the mailinglist.
For life contact with other developers, visit the #xml-compile channel on IRC.

  The following people made substantial contributions to the module: All contributors are listed in the ChangeLog. Contact Mark if you want to join in!