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In the following slides, I will show how we can give a real-life application a graphical interface. As an example, I took the program Atsar which was created by my colleague Gerlof Langeveld as a public domain version of the famous sar command.
There are two versions of Atsar: one for traditional UNIX systems, and one for Linux.

Atsar collects various kinds of information about the system, and logs them, if you want to. You can get an overview on the current status of your system, or of collected information on earlier moments.

Atsar has two parts: the information collector and logger (which can be started as daemon) named atsadc, and the user command atsar which displays the information in text. The hardest point of accessing Atsar is that communication between the atsar and atsadc is in binary and uses C-structures, both not directly available in Perl.

Encapsulation -4 Atsar connection ;0

Created by Mark Overmeer with PPresenter on 22 May 2000.