Portable Presenter




Portable Presenter is a package designed to give presentations. PPresenter is brought to you under a GNU licence, what makes it free to be used and extended.

PPresenter sources

PPresenter is fully written in Perl, so does not require any compilation, hence source distribution equals binary distribution. But please read carefully on which modules you need or may want to use.


2002/08/12 v1.17 (321k) Minor fixes.
2001/02/17 v1.15 (303k) Small changes in interface to Image::Magick.
2000/10/24 v1.14 (303k) Own domain for e-mail and home-page.
2000/07/04 v1.13 (302k) Write your slides in XML!
2000/06/22 v1.11 (301k) Fixed tiny but influential bug which made PPresenter unusable without Image::Magick.
2000/05/06 v1.10 (301k) Simplified exporters to website and images.
...older versions...


  • Do NEVER run PPresenter applications which were written by someone else unless you thrust the code 100%: it is a perl program so may contain any garbage (virus) you like. Use the export into website function instead.


To install this software, you require the latest versions of Perl and Perl/Tk. I myself run Perl5.005_03 and Tk800.021, which is stable. Both are available from CPAN.

You need the following packages (also available from CPAN):

Tk800.022, (required) or newer.
Versions Tk800.016 will usually work too, although not supported by me. Perl/Tk versions Tk800.016 till Tk800.020 are buggy: do avoid them!


If you really want to be flexible on your use of images, you should consider installing ImageMagick on you system. Required if you like to export you show to PostScript, images, or web-pages.

Read the information on the website of ImageMagick on how to install it. You need the ImageMagick library and PerlMagick with the same version. Installing ImageMagick from source or binaries is not simple: it requires a lot of libraries for each supported image format.

Be sure that you have matching versions of ImageMagick and PerlMagick. If you get errors about

   unresolvable SetWarningHandler
(for instance if you use SuSE6.3), then the versions do not match! Do not forget to throw away the old version of PerlMagick when you have installed a new one.

XML-Parser-2.29.tar.gz, and
or newer. Required when you want to write your slides in XML.

If you want to use scalable X-fonts (yes, you want to)
Used by module PPresenter::Fontset::XScaling.



For questions or contributions, you can email ask@ppresenter.org.

Portable Presenter is written and maintained by Mark Overmeer. Copyright (C) 2000-2002, Free Software Foundation FSF.