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Papers and Presentations
These are only my Perl related talks: see my personal papers page for a full list.
NLUUG 1999

NLUUG Autumn conference 1999: Has the Penguin grown up? The NLUUG is the Dutch UNIX User Group.

Perl and Tk (45 minutes)
A short overview on Perl and Tk. For this, I used my own Perl/Tk based PPresenter presentation software. The slides of this talk are in Dutch (sorry).
SANE 2000

2nd International System Administration and Networking Conference (SANE2000) The SANE conferences target the European UNIX system-administrators.

Perl/Tk saves your favourite tools (3 hours tutorial)
During this conference, I gave a three hours tutorial on Perl/Tk and ways to link this to existing programs. The slides of the tutorial with loads of example programs are available for study.
Yet Another Perl Conference Europe 2001 (YAPC); the yearly meeting of Perl wizards in Europe.
Perl and Tk (3 hours tutorial)
The slides of this tutorial, which is close to the SANE 2000 tutorial on Perl/Tk, but slightly adapted to new developments in Perl and contains minor corrections.
Mail::Box (30 minutes)
A new talk on the Mail::Box module, explaining the current (release 1) and the next (release 2) versions of the package. Meanwhile, the lesser known technique of autoloading of data (in addition for the well known autoloading of functionality) is explained.
PW 2002

4th German Perl Workshop 2002 (PW2002)

Perl/Tk (3 hours tutorial)
At the workshop, I presented my infamous long Perl/Tk tutorial again (and for the last time).
Mail::Box internals (40 minutes)
A short talk introducinf the audience to some of the complex internals of the Mail::Box module. The paper.

SANE 2002

3rd International System Administration and Networking Conference (SANE2002).

E-mail with Perl
A short talk about e-mail related modules in Perl. Of course, Mail::Box had a central role in this. The Paper. The slides of that talk do not really add to the content of the paper, so are not on display.
Yet Another Perl Conference Europe 2002 (YAPC);
E-mail programming with Mail::Box (3 hours tutorial)
The Mail::Box module explained. The slides of the tutorial are without comments, but usually understandable on their own.
Creeping Featurism (45 minutes)
How implementing a small feature in a real module explodes in size and complexity if you want to do it right. The slides of this talk speak for themselves.
Object::Realize::Later (7 minutes lightning talk)
The ins-and-outs of the weird Object::Realize::Later module. Have a look at its manual page to see where this is all about.
PW 2003

5th German Perl Workshop 2003 (PW2003)

User::Identity and Mail::Identity (45 minutes)
The new User::Identity module tries to simplify user data configuation. It provides a very general framework to collect useful data on humans. The slides of the talk.
Hash::Case (10 minutes lightning talk)
A case-insensitive hash can simplify your work on platforms --or with applications-- which do not distinguish between lower and upper case characters. The module is explained in a few slides used in this talk.
MIME Headers (15 minutes lightning talk)
Parsing and constructing MIME headers is much harder than it looks when you include non-ascii character sets. This lightning talk explains how Mail::Box hides all the complications for the user. See the slides.
There are no slides for the fourth presentation, which was about an object oriented way to create POD documents, however you can have a look at an example of the output which is produced by that software.

Yet Antoher Perl Conference North-America (YAPC::NA)

Mail::Box (90 minutes tutorial)
The content of this tutorial was partially the same as presented on YAPC::EU 2002, and partially the same as for YAPC::EU 2003.
OODoc (20 minutes demonstration)
Demonstration of the features provided by the OODoc module. YAPC::Europe will have a real talk about this subject.
Hash::Case (5 minutes lightning talk)
Case-insensitive hashes. (Slides)
Object::Realize::Later (5 minutes lightning talk)
Explains the Object::Realize::Later module.
2003 Paris FR

Yet Antoher Perl Conference Europe (YAPC::Europe)

Mail::Box (new 95 minutes tutorial)
New talk, mainly explaining how the message class structure is implemented, and the many recent additions. Slides with detailed notes.
New talk
DPW 2004

Dutch Perl Workshop (DPW)
Besides being the main organizer of this event, I also gave two presentations:

Perl5 variable syntax (3 hours tutorial)
Variables in Perl can be quite complex, because they are so expressive.
Perl6 new syntax (45 minutes)
The new version of Perl will have many new rich syntax features.
GPW 2005
Dresden DE

7th German Perl Workshop

OODoc (45 minutes)
Object Oriented way of documenting Perl programs.
Terabytes of Satellite Images (45 minutes)
OO-Perl on a cluster of cheap PCs with terabytes of disk-space, handling large satellite images very fast.
NLUUG vj2005

NLUUG Conference "Email and Beyond"

Playing with e-mail (45 minutes)
Talk about how Perl (especially MailBox) can be used to process e-mail. Processing e-mail is correctly hard, very hard.
2005 Braga PT

Yet Antoher Perl Conference Europe (YAPC::Europe)

Terabytes of satellite images
GPW 2006
Bochum DE

8th German Perl Workshop
No talks this time, only a BoF on the future of CPAN.

HOSC 2006
Amsterdam NL

Holland Open Software Conference
In a lifely discussion about differences between various Open Source communities, I presented the Perl Community. Presentation in OpenOffice.

2006 Birmingham UK

Yet Antoher Perl Conference Europe (YAPC::Europe)

CPAN6 (90 minutes tutorial)
First publication of the design of a CPAN follow-up.
I hate XML/I love YAML (2 lightning-talks)
Introduces the new module XML::Compile to the public.
DPW 2006

Dutch Perl Workshop (DPW)
Besides being the main organizer of this event and a Free Software Bazaar the same evening, I gave one presentation:

Distributions (30 minutes)
The difference between creating modules for yourself or for other people.
  As addicted Perl developer, I am gladly invited to give presentations about Perl. You can think of the subjects as mentioned above, but other subjects are possible as well. On conferences I usually speak with only expenses paid. Companies can invite me on consultancy tarrif: have a look at the pages of MARKOV Solutions. Also for international customers. contact

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