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This page is dedicated to Perl's MIME::Types module. MIME types are used by many Internet protocols, like e-mail and HTTP to indicate the type of data which is transported. MIME::Types is an Object Oriented module which contains information about these types and lists some facts about them.

Latest release:

  Documentation is available in various forms
  • Manual pages are enclosed in the released module.
  • The documentation of MIME::Types is written using OODoc, which means that the manual pages are generated from text encapsulated in the authors code. These text fragments are not included in the distributed packages anymore. You can study the raw source to learn more trics about OODoc or to produce large patches.
  There is no mailing list yet, but there may be one when the module ages a little.
  The following people made substantial contributions to the module: All contributors are listed in the ChangeLog. Contact Mark if you want to join in!