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This page is dedicated to Perl's MailBox module. MailBox consists of a large set of packages which implement powerful methods to handle e-mail in Perl.

Latest release:

MailBox requires Perl 5.8.5; Next to this, some other Perl modules are required, which will be fetched when you install the module.

Development of this module was supported by a grant from the NLnet Foundation.

  Documentation is available in various forms
  • Traditional manual pages (as pod) are enclosed in the released distribution. Start with reading the MailBox-Overview and MailBox-Cookbook manual pages.
  • The HTML version of the manual pages is much more useful. They are available to browse directly or downloadable as package. Installing the html documentation package may be awkward.
  • The slides of a tutorial presented at YAPC::Europe 2002 contain many examples. It is a good overview if you want to learn MailBox fast. Of course, it only shows an extract of the features.
  • The slides of the tutorial at YAPC::Europe 2003 show examples with new features.
  • Example scripts are also enclosed in each module. Have a look at the examples/ and scripts/ directories. The examples are small, the scripts are worked-out programs. Maybe you can contribute your own applications!
  • An entry level description on how to use MailBox was presented during YAPC::Europe 2002.
    The paper as PostScript (181kB), PostScript gzipped (74kB), or PDF (221kB).
  • The complex internals of message objects where discussed during the German Perl Workshop 2002.
    The paper as Postscript (656kB), Postscript gzipped (174kB), or PDF (238kB).
  Once, there was a mailinglist, but it attracted far more spam than serious mail. You can always contact me with questions.
  The following people made substantial contributions to the module:
  • Mark Overmeer: design and implementation of close to all code.
  • Liz Mattijsen: POP3 implementation.
  • David Coppit, Tassilo von Parseval, Alan Kelm.
All contributors are listed in the ChangeLog. Contact Mark if you want to join in!