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On the moment, David Coppit (author of Mail::Folder::FastReader) and I are re-developing the lower levels of Mail::Box, replacing the MIME::Entity and Mail::Internet modules.

Only during this new design-process, it becomes clear how overly complicated (the internal structures of) the module had grown as result of the use of existing modules. The next pages will show what we are making now.

From now on, a Mail::Box::Message will inherit from the newly created Mail::Message. Everything what is not directly related to a message is moved to different modules. For instance, the reply method on a message is only used by a few applications, so why bother all? Here, we will use autoloading of functionality of reply on demand.

These Mail::Message-objects are read (and written) by the new Mail::Box::Parser, a replacement for the MIME::Parser and fully written in C. This seems the only way to improve the correctness of the parser without serious performance hit.

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Created by Mark Overmeer with PPresenter on 5 August 2001