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Inline is a recent module, which simplifies the creation of C-libraries in conjunction with your Perl-program. The difference with XS is that where h2xs starts with setting-up a compilation environment which you then modify to your needs, Inline only creates that setup on the moment that you know what you have.

The example above is rather complicated; when Inline::C is used with functions which simply return single scalars, it is even much much simpler. Usually just write the function as you would do in C, and leave-out the #includes and it works!

Inline compiles the code when it is seen first. Then it is slow, but the next time the same code is detected, it is not recompiled, but a cached version is used. Really neat. Besides, the documentation of the modules is excellent and understandable by normal human beings.

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Created by Mark Overmeer with PPresenter on 5 august 2001.