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This page is dedicated to Perl's User::Identity module. User::Identity helps maintaining user information from various sources. It abstracts the information used about a human begin (usually configuration information) from its storage. It tries to be smart in detecting defaults and such.

Latest release:

User::Identity requires Perl 5.6.1; there is no way it can be ported to earlier versions of Perl. 5.8.0 is supported as well. Next to this, some other Perl modules are required, which will be fetched when you install the module.

  Documentation is available in various forms
  • Manual pages are enclosed in the released module.
  • The HTML version of the manual pages are available to browse directly or as package.
  • Slides with notes of the talk given at the German Perl Workshop 2003, which explains the reason for this module and some small examples.
  There is no mailinglist on User::Identity on the moment.
  The following people made substantial contributions to the module: All contributors are listed in the ChangeLog. Contact Mark if you want to join in!