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This page is dedicated to Perl's MailBox module. MailBox consists of a large set of packages which implement powerful methods to handle e-mail in Perl.

Latest release:

MailBox requires Perl 5.6.1; there is no way it can be ported to earlier versions of Perl. 5.8.0 is supported as well. Next to this, some other Perl modules are required, which will be fetched when you install the module.

The module is currently being improved with a grant from the NLnet Foundation.

  Documentation is available in various forms
  • Traditional manual pages (as pod) are enclosed in the released distribution. Start with reading the MailBox-Overview and MailBox-Cookbook manual pages.
  • The HTML version of the manual pages is much more useful. They are available to browse directly or downloadable as package. Installing the html documentation package may be awkward.
  • The slides of a tutorial presented at YAPC::Europe 2002 contain many examples. It is a good overview if you want to learn MailBox fast. Of course, it only shows an extract of the features.
  • The slides of the tutorial at YAPC::Europe 2003 show examples with new features.
  • Example scripts are also enclosed in each module. Have a look at the examples/ and scripts/ directories. The examples are small, the scripts are worked-out programs. Maybe you can contribute your own applications!
  • An entry level description on how to use MailBox was presented during YAPC::Europe 2002.
    The paper as PostScript (181kB), PostScript gzipped (74kB), or PDF (221kB).
  • The complex internals of message objects where discussed during the German Perl Workshop 2002.
    The paper as Postscript (656kB), Postscript gzipped (174kB), or PDF (238kB).
  Once, there was a mailinglist, but it attracted far more spam than serious mail. You can always contact me with questions.
  The following people made substantial contributions to the module:
  • Mark Overmeer: design and implementation of close to all code.
  • Liz Mattijsen: POP3 implementation.
  • David Coppit, Tassilo von Parseval, Alan Kelm.
All contributors are listed in the ChangeLog. Contact Mark if you want to join in!