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This page is dedicated to my geography related modules.
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points, lines, surfaces, spaces which not only have a coordinate, but also knowledge about geographical transformations.
XS wrapper around the Open Source libproj, which is able to do complex geographical transformations.
Translate between structures defined by Geo::Point into WKT and reverse.
used to do simple mathematical transformations on shapes.
Understand Geography Markup Files (XML)
Understand ISO-19139 meta-data (includes GML 3.2.1, all XML)
Generate KML files (XML)
HMA Earth Observation Products (EOP)
Decode Envisat product meta-data
Decode Landsat product meta-data

For convinience, the required XML module are included in the documentation set.

  Documentation is available in various forms
  • Traditional manual pages (as pod) are enclosed in each package.
  • The HTML version of the manual pages is much more useful. They are available to browse directly.
  • Example scripts are also enclosed in some of the distributions. Have a look in the examples/ directories.
  All versions
  Mark's Perl modules use OODoc to be generated. That module extracts pseudo-POD from source files, and converts that into real POD and real HTML. The processed files are released on CPAN. The original files are only available from this website, as "raw" releases.
distribution CPAN versions devel versions
Geo::Point released raw
Geo::Proj4 released raw
Geo::WKT released raw
Math::Polygon released raw
Geo::GML released raw
Geo::ISO19139 released raw
Geo::EOP released raw
Geo::KML released raw